Promotes Fertility Rate and Healthy Pregnancy

A superior form of Folate, called QuatrefolicTM, gets directly absorbed by the body. It helps increase the pregnancy rate and reduces the chances of early miscarriages. Fortified with required multivitamins that eliminates the need of 3- 4 medicines for the best time during pregnancy.

Prep the Pregnancy is patented and India’s 1st NanoTechnology based Oral strip with all natural & clinically tested QuatrefolicTM– A 4th Generation Tetrahydrofolate (Vitamin B9, B6, B12 & D3)

A woman is born with a limited number of eggs by birth. The fertility rate of getting pregnant declines with each passing year. A healthy & scientific nutrition could help you. Also About 2 out of 8 pregnant women or even more experience miscarriage before completing 20 weeks. Owing to reasons like Neural Defects, Low Nutrition, Low folic acid for Baby growth etc.

This 4th generation tetrahydrofolate in a Nanoencapsulated Technology

QuatrefolicTM is a superior form of Folate that gets directly absorbed by the body. It has essential Multivitamins like B6, B12 & D3 for healthy Fertility, Conception & Pregnancy. It also reduces chances of early miscarriages.


U S E?
30 Strips

Start with 1-2 Strips daily.
Start 3 months before for pre-conception until 3rd trimester.

Healthy Fertility
& Pregnancy

Clinically tested

Reduces chances
of Miscarriage

Clinically tested Quaterfolic TM ingredients Helps in pre-conception, fertility & healthy pregnancy Essential Multivitamins as per RDA Reduces chances of miscarriage Best in taste & directly absorbed by body No water required Easy to consume


Backed by science, Filled with happiness

  • Nano Technology based Oral strip with all natural & clinically tested QuatrefolicTM– A 4th Generation Tetrahydrofolate (Vitamin B9) along with essential Multivitamins like B6 , B12 & D3 for healthy fertility, conception & pregnancy.

Easy to carry, easy to consume, single doses packed separately unlike taking 4-5 tablets daily gummies/tablets/capsules.

Buccal absorption better than other gut absorption, faster onset of action, better bioavailability than other dosage forms, 100% RDA with least number & quantity of recipients, carbs and sugars - lesser than any other oral dosage form.

Immediate dissolution, exciting flavors, no lasting after taste, no need of water for consumption.

P r e p
t h e
p r e g n a n c y
O r a l
S t r i p s
V s
o t h e r
s u p p l e m e n t s

Traditional folic acid supplements

Prep the Pregnancy Oral Strips

We Help HER experience the Joys of Pregnancy


Folic Acid which needs to be converted to 5-MTHF7

Innovative folate, QuatrefolicTM7

Directly provides the active folate for immediate use7


Most commonly available with iron

Vit B6, B12 & D*

All Prenatal Vitamins in one place - Reduces the no of supplements*


Tablets / Capsules


Reduces nausea associated with multiple capsules20


GI absorption

Direct mucosal absorption from the mouth18

Faster and better absorption - Greater bioavailability18

Taste - Bitterness of nutraactives

A bitter pill to swallow-Can add to nauseating feeling21

Successfully masked with delicious flavours19

Reduces nausea due to taste


Need water for use

No water. Just place it on the tongue6

Convenient use - For women on-the-go16

D i f f e r e n c e
B e t w e e n
O r a l
T h i n
F i l m s
T r a d i t i o n a l
T a b l e t s



Disintegrate rapidly in the mouth hence easy to swallow instantly

Tablets are not highly recommended for geriatric patients as it is difficult to swallow and may lead to choking

Better compliance as no liquid is required to take the medication

Low compliance

Rapid action as this drug is absorbed with in the oral cavity and not digested

The effect is quite slow

Due to the pre-gastric absorption ability, it has no side effects

Tablets might have side effects

Normally it has a pleasant taste and hence, suited for all taste buds

All tablets are not good in taste

More durable and stable

Low shelf life





What does Prep the pregnancy strips help in?

Prep the strips help with conception, fertility chances in women and most importantly maintaining a Healthy pregnancy. Helps reduce chances of miscarriage , neuro tube defects in baby.

How are the ingredients effective in pre conception to pregnancy easy ?

The strips are precise dose and has clinically tested ingredient QuatrefolicTM along with key essential multivitamins required for healthy conception & baby development like Vitamin B6, B12, D3 .With a refreshing taste of Orange. Plus these dissolve in less than 40 seconds and gets directly absorbed by body. With no water required it doesn’t make you throw up

Are these strips suitable for to take during pregnancy?

The Strips are fully natural and safe to be consumes during pregnancy. Its FDA registered and has clinically tested ingredient QuatrefolicTM along with essential multivitamins .

Are they safe to consume ?

Yes the strips are FDA registered and safe to consume . No hazards of choking as it gets self dissolved in less than 40 seconds. Ease of having 1 strip vis a vis 4-5 tablets daily.

What are the multivitamins in it ?

Prep the pregnancy strips are fortified with key essential multivitamins like Vitamin B9 also known as Folic acid / Folate, B6, B12  & Vitamin D3.

How to use and for how long ?

We recommend to take 1 strip daily 3 months before conception till 3rd trimester